Then Recover with Delicious Tarts and Pommes Frites

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It’s the thrill of the hunt. For decades, treasure seekers have scoured the allées of Paris’s famed flea market Marché aux Puces for vintage trinkets and eclectic furniture. To inveterate hunters and gatherers, the aha! moment of plucking bric-a-brac vintage serving pieces, an art deco sconce, textiles and quirky French hotel signage from the back of a dusty stall offers an incomparable high. But the Puces has gotten a bad rap as of late. Prices have skyrocked. Stalls have become too high-end. And dealers have been derided for their unwillingness to negotiate. The question looms: Can tourists still score without frittering away their entire food budget? Absolutely! Here is where to shop and eat at the Marché aux Puces.

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