To me, a trip is very much about where I will lay my head.  Hotels are a major part of the travel experience. Without a comfortable (veering luxurious), recently renovated, de-shag carpetized hotel/inn, the destination won’t work. Translation:  no skanky bedspreads, no lumpy mattresses, no flattened- by -age pillows, no dried flowers, no doilies and no staying in a hotel without photos on the website. Another thing: if the term “historic accommodations” is used, it must be followed up with the words “recently renovated.” Without this,  you are in for a miserable night of dust mite related allergies. I also have a thing about beige interiors. A beige room feels dirty. It reads functional, status quo. Not fresh. Not interesting. Definitely not luxurious. Beige interiors (with dark carpeting) are not spaces that offer up whimsy or a sense of style, two elements that make hotel room magic.

Many travel writers feel differently about lodgings. To them, the adventure of potentially shacking up in a sub par hotel is part of the experience. Touche. I want lodgings to be as nice-or nicer-than my home.