I hadn’t been on the skis in 17 years. It’s not that anything scary happened on the slopes. It’s just been kind of busy in Koch Land, raising kids, traveling for work, writing and trying to create balance in my crazy working crazy life. Whenever skiing came up, my husband said, why don’t we just go somewhere warm? So, we did. But, last year, an invitation to go skiing in Park City came from a friend. I needed a break and agreed. So, I borrowed gear and went on a trip that changed everything. I was nervous to be back on skis. Though I had been to Colorado about ten times as a kid, I had few memories of whizzing down a mountain. Luckily, my muscles remembered. After a few hours on the beginners’ trail, it came flooding back. Bend the knees. Pressure on the outside toe. Pedal. It’s all in the legs-keep the hips still. Use your poles for balance. Not only was I skiing. But, I was living in the moment. Focusing only on my next move. Not thinking about the pitches, the follow up, who I needed to connect with to finish an assignment. With two kids and a busy career, being in the moment is a luxury to be savored. Factor in being surrounded by pristine snow and mountains and you’ve got an enviable form of relaxation that generally achieved on the third glass of wine. And Apres ski? It’s the best. The government should institute a 330 pm champagne soaked party daily, The country would be a much happier place. The trip was such a success that, this year, I skied Beaver Creek, Telluride and am, at this very moment, headed to Breckenridge. With my husband! I have purchased my own ski gear and am living proof that women in their 40s can forge a new passion and actually become more athletic.