My morning coffee in Provence was not a minor detail of the day. It was a highlight. Why? A Provencal petit dejeuner is epic. Presentation is everything. Details as minute as the placement of a teaspoon (it is leaning upon a mini pot of local honey) requires serious consideration. Great care is taken to transform a breakfast table into a multi-sensory tableau that beckons with the promise of excellence. Wicker tables are dressed to impress in a laid back luxe kind of way: Crisp white linens blanketed with local lavender, sparkling silver, pitchers of juice, porcelain tabletop and artisanal confiture. The scene is electrified with a postcard perfect view of verdant vineyards and the heady scent of just-baked croissants. Sipping a café crème, I am absolutely present. I don’t want to tweet. I don’t want to check email. I don’t even want to read. I just want to sit and savor the pleasure of this moment in time.

So, how can a frazzled working mom re-create this type of experience at home? Well, let’s be real. It is not going to happen on school days. But, on weekends, you can absolutely Frenchify your morning and luxe up your coffee routine. All it takes is a fresh presentation. Here’s how:

  • Fancify the table with a crisp white tablecloth.
  • Upgrade paper napkins to cloth. This has major visual impact.
  • Add a pop of color with freshly cut flowers.
  • Place bagels, toast and/or croissants in a wicker basket covered with a napkin. Super chic!
  • Use white ceramic or porcelain coffee cups and saucers
  • No plastic containers on the table. Ever.
  • Place Jams and butter on a small platter. Have individual spoons for each condiment.
  • Pour juice into a glass pitcher. Milk should be in a small white pitcher.

Frenchify Your Coffee