Beyonce’s youthifying skin serum. Clooney’s shades. J-Law’s fave cold pressed juice. Star sanctioned products offer big time buzz to a brand. But, in the UK, there is an imperial nod of approval that puts an entertainers’ endorsement to shame. It’s called the Royal Warrant. And, it’s a big f-ing deal. Since the 15th century, the Crown has bestowed a mark of distinction upon top drawer “tradespeople.” Favored suppliers of goods and services to the royal families (Queen, Duke of Edinburgh or Prince of Wales) are permitted to feature the Royal coat of arms along with the coveted “by appointment to her majesty the queen” legend across the company’s marketing platform.


atk nick crean prestat

Amy with Nick Crean of Prestat

I set out to test drive a cross section of these fabled foodstuffs for Food & Wine. On tap were Prestat Chocolate, H.R. Higgins Coffee and Paxton & Whitfield, cheesemonger to the Queen since the 18th century.

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