Amy Tara Koch | Five Places To Visit in London
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Five Places To Visit in London

In Dalston, a dynamic pocket of East London, an edgy arts scene blooms amid repurposed factories, side streets sprinkled with tiny shops, tucked-away public gardens and colorful outdoor markets catering to longtime Afro-Caribbean and Turkish communities. Cool kids and chess-playing old-timers commune over thick Ethiopian espresso at Kaffa Coffee, a neighborhood institution. Fashion statements abound: Men in cropped shirts and voluminous trousers. Women tattooed and accessorized to the nines. And inventively clad millennials, more than a few affiliated with the designer ateliers headquartered here. Indie artists are a buzzy fixture in Dalston, flowing in and out of a D.J. booth run by NTS, the influential internet radio station on lively Gillett Square.