Nobody has time to get sick.

After years of practice, I have tried and true methods to nip a potential cold in the bud.  The trick is to catch the illness before it blooms into a full fledged snot fest. The moment I feel the signs- body ache, sniffle, scratchy throat- I have a variety of potions that I start swigging, spraying and shooting up my nasal passages.

1. Barlean’s Olive Leaf Complex Throat Spray

olive leaf

Schpritz this broad spectrum anti-oxidant every hour the minute you feel a tickle. It soothes and boosts immunity

2. Beroccaberocca 2The European Airborne. Dissolve tablets in water for a fizzy, vitamins B+ C-filled energy boost

3. Sambocol


A Black Elderberry supplement syrup filled with immunity boosting antioxidants.

4. Garden of Life Sinus Pills


My acupuncturist turned me onto these herbal pills with Butterbur extract and probiotics to clear sinus pain and boost immunity.

5. Hot Lemon and Ginger Infusion


Brew slices of fresh ginger and lemon and drink it all day to boost immunity.

6. Increase Probiotics

If I feel a cold coming on, I bump up my dosage to two tablets of MegaFlora


7. Sinus Cleanse

Sinus Rinse XL Bottle-PT01

I purify my nasal passages with NeilMed filled with distilled water and saline solution.  

And, even if I am not sick, I often use all of these products as a precaution to ramp up my immunity system before a flight.