Travel is a learning experience. To illuminate this point, I create worksheets for my children to fill out prior to most trips. The sheets entail research–what is special about this place? What are some cultural differences? What type of food is eaten here? What can we expect to see and do in this place? What are five things you want to do at this destination? Then, they present their findings to us.

The worksheet project engages kids in the planning process and, when they recognize various points of interest,  enhances their appreciation of the destination.

Here are some recent worksheets




  • Why is there so much Japanese influence in Hawaii?
  • What is some of the history in Hawaii that makes such a rich culture?

  • What are some exotic species of marine life that we will see in hawaii? See link

  • What are some of the foods we will eat in Hawaii that are different than what we eat at home?
  • What is a Luau?

  • We are going to have an Outrigger Canoe experience. What is this activity’s history?


  • Why are there so many humpback whales in Maui?

  • What is the road to Hana? What can we see on it?





Where exactly is Costa Rica in the world?

What is the history of the Guanacaste Peninsula in Costa Rica?

What can we do in this region?

Where can we go hiking? Are there national parks?

Name a few waterfalls that we can easily visit

What type of wildlife will we see in this area?

What are 5 activities that you want to do during our trip?

What is the weather like? How should we pack?