Men’s Journal asked me to spotlight the most egregious fashion felonies that women wish men would stop making. Here’s my round up.

There are certain looks that yield style suicide: daddy denim, the kind that extend above the belly button and flow like a bloated river from rib cage to boat shoes, oversized suits, of the Better Call Saul variety, hideously hued golf shirts bearing commemorative logos like “Lake Forest Fish Fry 1998” jammed unceremoniously into a pair of pleated khakis. What drives such (un) fashion choices?  Men, including my plaid loving husband, tell me, that comfort is the prime motivator. That and perhaps treating the process of “getting dressed” as merely transitioning from nude to not nude. But, here’s a newsflash: Looking dowdy, dirty or dated will also cast a fatal blow to your sex appeal. 

Whether you realize it or not, women are judging you. Without even gazing at you directly. Our minds are equipped with a twitter feed like feature that allows us to work, eat, shop for groceries, apply lip gloss and plan a vacation to Sicily while taking in every nuance of your appearance. A shock of black hair sprouting from your ears? We see it, from the produce aisle. Wearing the same ill-fitting button down shirt three days in a row? We notice, from the water cooler. Scuffed-up, skanky loafers ruining an otherwise nice looking suit? We do not approve, no matter where we stand.