Anti-Cootie ARSENAL for Travelers of All Ages

Cooties are a huge issue. I wipe down the tray and armrest with anti-bacterial wipes. I always bring an airline chair cover to cover the airplane seat. This washable fabric cover is a barrier between me and the filthy seat. Wipes are also used to open and close the bathroom door. And to flush the toilet. When traveling with small children Potty Toppers and Munchkin multi-use pads are a must. Ayr gel keeps nasal passages moist. When they are dry and cracked, germs can enter (I know, gross) your bloodstream.




Potty Toppers (pack of 40) $16.99 \ Munchkin Multi-Use Pad (pack of 20) $6.09 \ Nice Seats Airline Seat Cover $29.95Ayr Nasal Gel $3.99 \ Wet Ones Anti-bacterial $1.69