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BUMP IT UP: Transform Your Pregnancy Into the Ultimate Style Statement was born of my maternity experience. I bought minimal maternity specific garb and , instead, reworked a handful of basics into dozens of jaw-dropping maternity ensembles. Happily, I had some high-powered fashion friends—Nicole Miller, Kate Spade, Donna Karan, Milly, Diane Von Furstenberg and Isaac Mizrahi—who helped to create the visuals of my book by crafting original line drawings of pregnancy silhouettes that are at once fashionable and functional.


The key to pregnancy chic? Creativity. Effort. And a commitment to pushing the sartorial envelope even when you’d rather crawl back under the sheets with a box of doughnuts. But don’t let “thigh” anxiety drive you to sneakers and plus-size velour tracksuits. It’s time to turn nine months of potential frump into mega maternity moxie. In this witty and accessible pregnancy primer to all four trimesters, career fashionista and mother of two Amy Tara Koch offers easy ways for moms-to-be pop out of the preggo pits and pull together dozens of jaw-dropping maternity ensembles—without breaking the bank. “Advice from the A List,” offers insights from real life, working style mavens—designers, editors and socialites—on how they sailed through pregnancy with panache. And, for those who were served up hormonally induced lumps and bumps instead of the coveted pregnancy glow, celeb skin gurus weigh in on how you too can tap into that (faux) glow.


This timeless style manifesto features sketches from today’s most popular fashion designers as well as tips and tricks from Koch and her “A-list”—a roster of fashion editors, beauty gurus, and celebrity stylists. Packed full of clever quizzes, skin care secrets, and a handy glossary of terms that every pregnant woman needs to know, Bump it Up will have you putting on glitz throughout your pregnancy and beyond.


For more information, please visit Bump It Up!

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