Back Pain. It’s my albatross. Every day, without fail, I start the day with ice, then move on to heat to reduce the annoying inflammation. My spine management doc has prescribed meds. But, there is always a trade off. I would rather deal with the pain that I know than walk around like a espresso singed zombie all day. Travel, of couse, exacerbates the pain. But, it is my lifeblood. So, after years of suffering, I have devised an action plan to stay a few steps ahead of the unavoidable flare up.

  • Take advil before 1 hour before flight
  • Apply tiger balm to neck pre-flight
  • Bring epsom salt for a bath upon arrival to destination
  • Have disposable ice for flight for neck for onset of headache
  • Thermacare for the back and neck ease tension
  • Bring 2 tennis balls to massage traps and lower back during flight
  • Bring a resistance band for long flights so you can get up and stretch out
  • A small back cushion get offer stability to lower back

amy tara koch back pain