Who has time to remember a necklace?

Accessories matter. They are outfit makers, the Bernaise sauce on a succulent filet. Jeans and a black tee shirt by itself? Eh. Jeans tricked out with a fab necklace, a scarf and some attention grabbing earrings-wow! But, in order to get the accessories on your body, you must be able to see them. Why? Out of sight, out of mind. When a busy woman has about five minutes to pull a flattering look together, all of the elements need to be at her fingertips. If not, she races out the door sans any statement making element to her look. The result? Sub-par style.


This is an easy fix: I am a big believer in channeling the airy vibe of Saks Fifth Avenue in your very own home. How? Display your accessories like a merchandised department store. When you pack away jewelry, scarves and belts in drawers or cabinets, they are forgotten. But, if they are thoughtfully organized to be effortlessly plucked up and tried on, wearing accessories becomes part of your getting dressed routine.