It’s Oscars time. Celebs know that looking trim on the red carpet is non-negotiable. They have the luxury of having personal chefs and trainers on staff. But, looking svelte does not require professional services. Yes, you need to exercise and eat mindfully. But, another trick to get lean before a big event is to avoid certain foods. And, feast on others. I checked in with nutritionist and author of The Little Book Of Thin Lauren Slayton to reveal the scoop on what she calls “delicious de-bloaters.”

“It’s pretty amazing what can happen to our bodies even in 48 hours of focused, clean eating. These are fun, quick fixes but they work (and many of those stars use them). To avoid feeling and looking bloated, skip the 3 C’s: canned food, carbonated beverages and cocktails (yup). While you’re at it skip sweet and wheat. Work the water- we can debate the amount of water you need for optimal health but the amount to look your best? A lot. You need fluid to shed fluid so have 96 ounces a day of filtered water, 2-4 cups unsweetened green tea and 1 green juice (1 fruit max in the juice) as well. Next, consume asparagus, dandelion greens, ginger, lemon and parsley–these foods each have different ways of extinguishing that extra layer, you know that layer. Potassium helps you shed sodium, parsley is a great source and so are dandelion greens (and dandelion tea). Probiotics in asparagus feed good gut bacteria (it’s the bad bacteria that leads to bloat). If you’re trying this out I’m here to help. Please use Twitter and hashtag #TIDEI (tweet it don’t eat it) when tempted, send to me @Foodtrainers and I’ll talk you off the food ledge.””

delicious de-bloaters