Newsflash: Though the tawny, incandescent celebrities arriving at the Dolby Theater on March 2 would love for you to believe that they rolled out of bed looking red carpet ready, this level of “effortless” glamour takes weeks to achieve. Skin must be plumped. Wrinkles must be softened. Pounds must be lost. Hands and elbows must be rejuvenated. In order to prep for Hollywood’s most high profile event of the year, stars of all ages rely on a battery of beauty wizards to whip them into the best possible shape. From sweat lodges to IV drips, here are some of the most hyped awards season services for A-listers.


shape houseWHAT IT IS: Sweat Lodge

WHAT IT DOES: Clients don infrared “suits” and sit in a sauna to schvitz off the pounds

HOW IT WORKS: Intense sweating raises clients’ body temperature and increases heart rate which, in turn, revs up the metabolism, releases toxins and incites weight loss. The suit is fashioned of an Infrared band of energy peaking at around 9.4 micons; a level designed to penetrate beyond the skin (where heat is most acutely felt) to a depth where fat resides. As this subcutaneous fat begins to heat, your body begins to thermo-regulate itself by producing sweat.



coolsculptingWHAT IT IS: Coolsculpting

WHAT IT DOES:  Tightens and reduces body fat

HOW IT WORKS: Fat freezing device that rids belly bulges, love handles and back fat. Six weeks after treatment patients begin to flush out metabolized fat through urine.

WHERE TO FIND IT:  Dr. Fredric Brandt in NYC and DMH Aesthetics in LA


IV TherapyWHAT IT IS: IV Vitamin Therapy

WHAT IT DOES: Boosts energy and delivers a radiant glow to skin

HOW IT WORKS: An IV filled with vitamins C and B, calcium gluconate, amino acids and magnesium chloride nourish the body from the inside out.

WHERE TO FIND: Dr. David Borenstein in NYC and Dr. Norman Leaf in LA 



cortison-acne-injectionWHAT IT IS: Professional Zit Zapping

WHAT IT DOES: Shrinks massive  zits within 48 hours

HOW IT WORKS: The cocktail of cortisone injection and Intense Pulse Light (IPL) therapy reduces the redness and swelling of mountainous blemishes into tiny bumps. The addition of a  concentrated dose of dehydrating trichloracetic acid, or TCA, will flatten the lump immediately.

WHERE TO FIND: Dr. Patricia Wexler in NYC and Dr. Howard Lancer in LA


titan-laser-treatmentWHAT IT IS: Titan® Laser skin-tightening treatment

WHAT IS DOES: A painless, non-surgical “facelift”  that tighens “laxity” on the brow, neck and jawline

HOW IT WORKS: Infrared light heats the inner layers of the skin, causing collagen contraction. Results are instant and continue to improve for up to six months post-treatment. One to three treatments are recommended.

WHERE TO FINDDr. Fredric Brandt in NYC and Kate Somerville in LA


arconaWHAT IT IS: “Red Carpet Radiance” Power Facial

WHAT IS DOES: Lifts, reduces fine lines and pores delivering an A-list glow

HOW IT WORKS: 80-minutes of cosmeceutical grade chemical peels + facial “contouring” + LED therapy  + oxygen = complexion perfection

WHERE TO FIND: The Arcona Studio in LA 


hot spot fillersWHAT IT IS: Hot Spot Fillers

WHAT IT DOES: Doctors reinflate drooping ear lobes, wrinkly hands and saggy elbows to create a plumper, more youthful look.

HOW IT WORKS: An injection of a hyaluronic acid–based filler, like Restylane or Juvéderm, under the top layer of the skin instantly fills in problem areas.

WHERE TO FIND: Dr. Debra Jaliman in NYC and Dr. Howard Lancer in LA


electric-facialWHAT IT IS: Electric Facial

WHAT IT DOES: Boost radiance, enhance lymphatic drainage, boost cellular repair, reduce under eye puffiness and sulpts a more defined jawline

HOW IT WORKS: A mild electrical current stimulates and energizes the skin increasing cellular metabolism. The combination of the electric stimaulation and active, cutting edge products deliver a regenerative facial treatment that is a staple in Hollywood.

WHERE TO FINDTracie Martyn in NYC and Melanie Simon in LA


blueprint-juicesWHAT IT IS: Juice Cleanse

WHAT IT DOES: A cleanse —liquid-based diets focused on the consumption of minimal calories—has become the go-to shape-up –in-a-flash tool in Hollywood.  It flushes the system of toxins, reduces bloat,  improves the complexion and is a quick (short term)  fix for dropping pounds.

WHERE TO FIND: Ritual Cleanse $72/day, an additional $18/day to add Shred and Blueprint Juice Cleanse $65/day