Technology Meets Community at the INTEL Chicago Experience Store

I love all things new, newsy and cutting edge. So, when Intel reached out to me for a social media partnership, I jumped at the chance. The goal? To build exposure for their pop up Intel Experience Store  in my home town of Chicago. Temporarily located at 901 West Armitage Avenue in Lincoln Park the Intel Experience Store is all about seamlessly integrating their message of innovative products within an overarching umbrella of community. Translation? The store showcases the latest technology while inviting various local businesses, artists and community endeavors to share the spotlight and garner exposure. Each day there are local (free) activities for guests to enjoy like yoga, movie night and concerts (check schedule here). Local pastry shop Delightful Pastries and Urban Café keep the shop stocked with coffee and baked goods. Technology is an art form. To celebrate artists, Intel invited “tech disruptor” Margarita Korol to transform old tech gadgets into art. Watching her work was a highlight of my experience. When looking at tablets and computers, Tech Xperts are on hand to explain the functionality of each gadget. Intel partnered with Best Buy to create an Order Station where visitors can test drive and dodge the crowds by ordering directly at the pop up shop. The best part? The devices are shipped to the pop up store so the Tech Xperts can configure and explain the functionality of purchases. There is a Loaner Program where guests can borrow certain merchandise for 24 hours to get a feel for the technology before diving into a purchase.

Intel is a leading supporter of STEM programs and they are giving back to Chicago Public Schools in a significant way. Intel has instituted a Recycling Program where guests can bring in old electronics (phones, computers, monitors, TVs, phone chargers, cables and cords, printers, PDAs, home appliances, etc. Items do not have to be in working condition) Each day someone comes in with an item, Intel will donate $5 to a local Chicago Public School.

My favorite discoveries? A busy mom, I loved the new Toshiba Two-in-One Ultrabooks which can be both tablet and PC. Another fab “twofer” is the Lenovo Touch-Screen All-In-One Computer with tabletop compatibility. An over-sized computer, this is wonderful for work, apps or even to play monopoly with the whole family. It is the ultimate family computer. The store is open through January 24. I encourage you to stop by. Your entire family will enjoy the experience.


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*I was financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*