So. Why do women wear heels? A heel visually lengthens your silhouette, leanify  the legs and glammify everything. They impact your walk by thrusting the hips forward which adds a sexy strut to your gait. Spikes? Forget it. Most of us bid adieu to Carrie Bradshaw stilettos the moment we gave birth. However, footwear options abound for women who like some height but require comfort.

heels that aren't hell

Clockwise from top left: Asos strictly heel $54 \  Chinese Laundry ideal boot $89 \ Aldo kalliyan wedge $54.98 \ J.Crew MacAlister wedge boot $198 \ Stuart Weitzman bucksome wedge $395 \ Cole Haan adler tall boot $378 \ Asos apocalypse leather chelsea boot $92.82