When I hit 30, I gave up colored nail polish. Though I love the concept of seasonally turned out digits, the bold colors felt too cutesy for an old bat. So, I went for nude toes and buffed fingernails. It was an elegant look and super low maintenance. I didn’t have to deal with chipping and my neutral nails were a non-competitive backdrop for my oft dramatic ensembles. After decades of monastic adherence, I had a change of heart. This weekend I took my eleven year old daughter for mani/pedi day. She was having so much fun perusing the colors that I got in on the game. Suddenly I was testing colors on my toes: aubergine, teal, oxblood, black! I picked up a cobalt blue and marched to my station. Suddenly, the tedium of nail grooming was transformed into excitement. We walked, no-skipped home. I felt a youthful surge pulsing through my veins. My blue toenails made me feel sassy. Suddenly my old Chanel slides seemed of-the-moment.  And, just like that, I was converted into a pedicure princess.