Mine Better Be Extra Luxe This Year

A homemade card is sweet. But, Mothers Day is all about proving your love.

We have disfigured our bodies and exhausted our souls for the sake of our husband and children. In my opinion, it’s all about payback. Now it’s time to shower us with material goods to make up for the hours of cooking, cleaning, schlepping, bathing and enforcing bedtime. The truth? We moms deserve the most top drawer garb hubby or kids can manage.


1. Who wouldn’t like their own customized bottle of champagne? Drop a few hints this Mothers’ Day, and you might just be on the receiving end of a bottle of bubbly with your name literally written all over it. Visit Moet & Chandon for ordering info.

2. Sip your morning coffee in style. Jimmy Choo rika gold leather coffee sleeve $180

3. Go Fish! This set of silver-lined Hermes Bridge playing cards are perfect for a relaxing game by the pool this Mothers’ day, and they double as a great gift as well. Hermes acostage bridge playing cards $95

4. Accessorize in style with a glamorous bracelet. Kara Ross Wide Maze Cuff $3,995

5. Sleek & efficient: load up a brand new Samsung tablet with mom’s favorite apps and watch your favorite shows in between schlepping the kids! Samsung Galaxy 2 tablet $179.99

6. Go Gatsby with a ’20s inspired clutch. Judith Lieber Charleston Striped Clutch $2,965

7. A day of pampering to revive mom’s energy and enthusiasm. Check out Four Seasons for a luxe experience.