From Runway to Carpool Lane:
A “Mommified” Spring Trend (You Didn’t Think You Could Wear)

To busy moms, trends are overwhelming. We look at glossy magazines and think “I’m too fat”, “I’m too old” Or, “I don’t get it”. The truth?  Runway looks are created to be ultra dramatic. Real women CAN wear trends. They just need to be dissected approached in way that suits your body type and lifestyle.

THEY SAY: Polka dots on stripes with a side of paisley

I SAY: Wear one print at a time, like a printed blazer, which elevates a basic look in no time!

1. H&M Printed Blazer $49.95 \ 2. Haute Hippie Floral Silk Blazer $495 \ 3. Robbi & Nikki Stripe Blazer $128