Once you become a mom, the concept of “free” time evaporates in a poof of poop scented smoke. The inherent chaos of parenting- organizing lives, keeping house, and producing science fair  volcanoes with precision and a smile- eats up the time that used to be spent on you! Supermom is a myth. But here are a few DIY ways to make looking like Supermom a reality:

Have a Go-To Uniform: Having a flattering canvas at the ready eliminates “dress stress”. Though it varies from woman to woman, the uniform is composed of versatile, dress- them- up, dress–them-down essentials that work for every occasion. These pieces are the tabula rasa, or blank slate, of your wardrobe. So, leggings and a tunic. A blazer and skinny jeans. A shirt dress. Rank tops layered with knits and a pair of streamlined trousers.

Photos: DKNY, J Crew

● Exfoliate: Dull skin results from dead skin build up. For radiant skin, its all about a quickie exfoliation. Make a mask with lactic acid rich Greek yogurt and raw oatmeal to remove dead skin build up once a week  (Honey is a great add in to any DIY face masks as well.)

● Groom Caterpillar Brows:

When a woman walks down the street with bushy Planet of the Apes eyebrows, blotchy skin and wayward hair that resembles an Egret’s nest, it makes an impression. Not a good one. She looks like a train wreck. So,  what is the secret to perfectly arched brows?

To shellac wayward brows into well arched submission, slather on clear Ulta Brow gel

To keep create two definitive brows from one, invest in Revlon True Precision tweezer

To maintain a groomed to-the-nines arch, use Anastasia brow stencils

Add weight to anorexic brows with a pencil that matches your hair color. Eyebrow stencils can, on occasion, prove to be better than a trip to the salon. 



 ● The Dress-It-Up Accessory: A groovy scarf elevates any basic. Always have one on hand. Best bet? Theodora & Callum 

● Faux Glow: Adding a mineral foundation, bronzer, and lip gloss transforms a complexion from dull to diva in seconds. Try Laura Mercier Bronzing Pressed Powder, Urban Decay Baked Bronzer, and Armani Gloss D’ Armani Lip Gloss in 102. 


gloss d'armani lip gloss