The High Art of Subtle Sex Appeal

Look around. Subtlety has become an endangered species.  Sky high heels. Thigh high skirts. Sheer “shirts” that look more curtain than clothing. Instead of mysterious sex appeal, there is an in- your -face slut factor that triggers confusion. Does she have high style? Or, is she a high priced call girl?  I sound like an old bat but I miss the allure of yore. Think Melrose Place, Courtney Thorne Smith’s saucy/sweet sexpot managed to seduce the entire community in a boxy button down and tight jeans. On Dynasty, power bitches Alexis Carrington & Krystal Carrington duked it out in décolletage bearing (but otherwise elegant) evening gowns. Or, The Breakfast Club. When the hint of Claire’s lacy lingerie  was enough to launch a thousand wet dreams.

In my mind, the scantily clad and overly injected freaks on reality tv are to blame. The Bachelor and Real Housewives franchise present a ridiculous parody of feminine wiles. Newsflash: Aside from appearing desperate and pathetic,  thrusting one’s ballooning tits and lips on a man are the key to his pants, not his heart. Some of the most alluring women-Heidi Klum, Alicia Keys, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, Angelina Jolie, deliver maximum sex appeal without looking like a street walker.

Sexy is a state of mind. It has a lot to do with confidence. And very little to do with 6 inch pumps and a skin tight dress from BCBG’s Booty Call collection.  Rip a page from the playbook of iconic screen sirens and test drive the high art of low key seduction. He very well may stay for breakfast.

• Drop Your Neckline: A lower neckline puts the focal point on  the décolletage and neck, two f the sexiest parts of a woman.

• Titillate: A revealing neckline paired with the suggestion of lingerie is charged with sexuality.

• Dust Your Décolletage: Brushing on a shimmer powder creates a radiance that makes your skin decidedly come-hither.

• Add Look-at-me-Earrings: Dangly earrings that caress the neck are seductive and suggestive.

• Tress Success: Take the time to blow out your hair. Bouncy, shiny clean hair plays to sensuality.

• Get High: Heels make women look and feel sexier. And, one’s gait in heels is decidedly more feminine.

• Go Racy: Add a burlesque element by layering racy fishnets over opaque tights.