Decisions are draining. And moms make them every moment of every day. Busy moms can create a big style statement with a small but mighty wardrobe of “power basics” that can be mixed and matched.  A “uniform “ of reliable tops, dresses and bottoms that that can weather anything from the carpool lane to the cocktail party makes getting dressed a snap. Every woman has a challenge. The key is to accept your body type and “work it”. Create a focal point that spotlights your assets. When you hang a large painting over the fireplace in the living room, you are creating a focal point; constructing a perspective that will draw attention to an area that you wish to emphasize. The same concept holds true in fashion. Hemlines, necklines, color, shoes and accessories are all tools that will draw attention to your best features. And will take the focus away from the body parts that you are not so fond of. Curves are sexy. Voluptuous vixens like Adele and Octavia Spencer step out looking fabulous because they have a degree in disguising bottom heaviness. The trick is to take the emphasis away from the waist, thighs, hips and rump by playing up your top half. Instant “Wow Factors” like jewelry, scarves, belts  can elevate your tee and trousers into a look that screams “Mama with Moxie.”

• Black: The Ultimate Neutral
Black should be the cornerstone of a mom’s wardrobe. It is the basic, basic. It is season less. It can be dressed up or dressed down. Above all, because it absorbs light, black hides imperfections and is far and away the most slimming color on the planet. As an additional dividend, it’s another way to eliminate time consuming morning dressing guesswork.

Blue Chip Basics
Invest in quality essentials with sustained fashion relevance. “Sure thing” pieces maintain their integrity over time and are, therefore a sound investment.

• Layering is a mom’s style salvation—Simply adding a jacket or knit to your “uniform” pulls the look together and will make it POP!

• Color: Use color as an accent, a counterpoint. Pops of color are what supply the energy to a neutral heavy look.

Prints Printed patterns are a fun foil that electrifies basics. Take one printed piece and mix it into a monochromatic base.

• Go For The Bold! Bigger is Better (in accessory world)
Statement jewelry, not delicate charm necklaces or prissy little studs is what brings an outfit to life. Diminutive pieces are cute for children. But they can’t elevate a garment into something fabulous. In order to be eye catching, it needs to be big enough to make a statement.