To a mom, a well stocked purse is as essential as a well stocked fridge. Why?  A perfectly prepped purse is designed to benefit the entire family. Aside from money and keys, the purse functions as a magic wand to ward off any number of ugly scenarios: boo boo drama, hair horror, meltdowns, low blood sugar, fashion emergencies and more. Of the utmost importance are an array of BRIBERY tools. Every mom must have some goody (in my case — tootsie rolls and lollipops) to nip hideous situations in the bud before they blossom into tantrums. Can all of this fit within a chic, medium sized hobo bag? YES. The trick is to organize everything neatly within small pouches. This way, you are not reaching into a black hole.

Here’s what I recommend for your power purse:

1. Band aids

2. Arnica gel, $9.99

3. Tissues

4. Wipes (Wet ones), $2.77

5. Aquaphor, $4.99

6. Pony tail holders (Goody), $3.50

7. Bribery treats (tootsie rolls, tic tacs, dum dum lollipos)

8. Charger

9. Eye drops (Refresh), $8.47

10. Mom snacks (Kind bars), $19.88

11. Kid snacks (goldfish, grapes)

12. Glammifying tools for mom — gloss, concealer, mascara, earrings, bronzer