Wallis Simpson, the divalicious Duchhess of Windsor famously proclaimed that one can’t be too rich or too thin. Well, had she seen the spate of bony starlets fighting over size zero dresses at Barneys in LA, she may have reconsidered her statement. Skinny is a currency in Hollywood, a dangerous one. Take a look at the runway and the red carpet. Being supersonically thin is demanded of models and an unspoken prerequisite for actresses and television hosts.

On the fashion front, protruding bones are deemed an asset. They simply show off clothing better. Designers clamor to dress the thin and avoid the thicker thighed women unless there unless there is an Oscar nomination on hand. But these days, I am seeing a big difference between skinny chic (healthy looking) and skanky gross (starved and scary looking). As seen in the photos below, skanky gross features a “lollipop head,” protruding bones and a sunken, concave chest. I don’t think the dangerously skinny even recognize their sad situation. They feel all powerful in their size 0 stature. The pressure must be enormous. Still, their agents should feed them a burger and fries a few times a week.


*Lollipop Head: used to describe a person who is so freakishly thin that their head appears gigantic and disproportional to the rest of the body