I have been long trying to master the smoldering Sofia Vergara eye.  Sexy and mysterious, a smoky eye is fiercely feminine. But, it is complicated stuff. If you are overzealous, you look like a prostitute. If you are too hasty, you look like you fell down a flight of stairs. And, If you are impatient, you look like a moron. I have done all of these things. Each time, my inaccurate smudging technique leaves me looking like a long suffering raccoon. So, when my pal Wende Zomnir from Urban Decay released her SMOKED eye shadow palette this month complete with an idiot proof illustrated guide, I was delighted. Wende and I have been friend for 15 years.  In fact, she did a magnificent smoky eye sketch for my book BUMP IT UP showing pregnant women how to create a look that could match the bravado of their baby bumps. The sketch was amazing. But the kit gives an array of smoky looks that range from “Iconic”, “Rock Star”, “Enigma” and “Vixen” that can all be created with one palette. Moms, of course, can be thoroughly glamorous. But, the looks that work for us are not the same as the looks that will work for, say, Emma Watson or Jennifer Lawrence. Now, Wende is a Southern California Glamourpuss. But, she is also a mom of two boys. So, I asked her which version of the smoky eye  would be best on the average super busy mom who has but minimal time to spend on her look.

“The moms with Moxie in our office like the Smoldering Smoky Eye or the Iconic Smoky Eye. Smoldering goes on fast, and looks appropriate for the office or shuttling kids, yet still puts you in the MILF category. Iconic is perfect for date night or whenever you want to be noticed. It’s a bit darker, but still eye-opening; it creates beautiful drama around the eye. I interpret it in different colors, depending on what I’m wearing.”

Wende Zominir
Founder/Creative Director of Urban Decay

Go ahead! Adding some “MILF” into your day does wonders for a mom’s mindset.

The Smoldering Smoky Eye by Urban Decay

STEP 1: Apply Freestyle from crease to brow. STEP 2: Highlight entire brow bone with Kinky, blending it well into the Freestyle. STEP 3: Tightly trace Barlust along lower lash line. Go all the way across; it can be ever-so-slightly thicker at the outer corner. STEP 4: Apply Barlust on upper eyelid, from outer to inner corner. Go for an intense application, right up to crease line. STEP 5: Make sure shadow just meets at the inner corner and has slightly heavier connection at the outer corner. STEP 6: Softly blend Barlust out of the crease. The intensity should be toned down and seamless as it meets the brow bone. Downblend if needed to merge the shadows. STEP 7: Line outer 1/3 of upper and lower lash line with a very fine line of Perversion Pencil. *Be sure to sharpen your pencil first. With a brush, fuse it into the shadow along the lash line. STEP 8: Apply a little more Barlust on top of Perversion. STEP 9: Reline outer 1/3 of upper lash line with a tight, thin line of Perversion.  *Again, a sharp pencil is essential. STEP 10: Line the lower waterline all the way across and into the inner corner with Perversion pencil. STEP 11: Line the upper waterline all the way across and into the inner corner with Perversion. Make sure the upper and lower lines meet.

SMOKED Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay, $49