HINT: Do NOT follow the ridiculous runways

Marc Jacobs Fall 2012                                        Kenzo Fall 2012

 This season, high fashion mags are touting plaid over plaid, stripes paired harmoniously with florals. If it looks creepy on a six foot Swedish model in Vogue, chances are that the average mom trying to channel the Prada runway will look as if she dressed in the dark.  Under the influence of Ativan.


Take one printed piece and mix it into a monochromatic base. Wearing a print with panache has everything to do with expressing your personality. An inkblot printed silk blouse enlivens black trousers. A floral tapestry style blazer feels vintage. An orange houndstooth belt cinched over a black dress is upbeat. A leopard cardigan with jeans and a tank top is racy. A groovy tribal scarf layered over a sweater and jeans is urban Bohemian.

Some guidelines: If you are smaller, you can wear explosive, large scale prints. The larger you are, the smaller the print should be. Horizontal stripes widen the silhouette so they complement women who are slim. On the other hand, vertical stripes elongate the silhouette so they are universally flattering. The most simple entry point to wearing prints is an accessory. Once you grow more bold, go for a jacket or shirt.