Purging the clutter=closet clarity. The goal: transform your closet into an environment that channels the light, airy vibe of Neiman Marcus.  Pluck out remnants of your single-in-the city life and all things frumpifying: mom jeans, maternity, anything pleated, trashed shoes, etc. Like peacocks who meticulously molt for more up-to-the moment plumage, dumping the clothes that no longer fit your lifestyle will deliver a bolder, brighter you.

The great thing about organizing your wardrobe in this way? Each season, as you swap out your storage bins, you will feel as if you are rediscovering an old friend that has been on sabbatical. Distance also offers  perspective so you can rework your wardrobe in a fresh and on-trend way.

STEP ONE:  Spend time considering what you use, what you could use and what is acting as the annoying guest that has overstayed his welcome. Take these pieces out of the closet and drawers and lay them on the bed.

STEP TWO: Now, remove all things that are out of season. In July, a closet should boast airy dresses, tank tops, skirts, lightweight knits, printed cotton scarves, etc.. There should be no wool or cashmere. If you keep shoes in your closet,they too should focus upon the season at hand. During the winter, the closet should be focused on cold weather duds.

STEP THREE: Invest in UNIFORM HANGERS : Mismatched hangers create chaos. The heights of clothing when you have the exact same hangers, they actually diappear and make your clothes the focus so all clothes are the same length.

STEP FOUR: Organize your closet(s) by season. As soon as the first whiff of lilac perfumes the air, start phasing out winter clothing. Fold up the chunky knits and heavy duty cashmeres and replace them with airy tops and lightweight dresses. Buy airtight plastic tubs to house off season pieces and organize them by TYPE OF CLOTHING  (dresses, tank tops, jacket, etc)

STEP FIVE: Create an area of your attic, basement, garage or storage space as a designated storage area for off season clothing so your closet is neat and manageable. The best part?  Every six months, you will look at these garments with fresh eyes and feel as if you are rediscovering an old friend when you open the bins.

STEP SIX: Invest in organizational tools like shoe racks, tie racks and hooks so that your accessories can be displayed in an organized fashion.