While you are switching out your summer clothes for fall, consider this: some of the best cold weather staples are actually lightweight, sleeveless pieces. Whatever the season, runways and magazines freely mix and match summer and winter fabrics. Tank tops in January! Sleeveless print dresses in March! Silky summer fabrics and nubby knits are living harmoniously on and off the runway. Thanks to the fashion industry’s love affair with layering, a huge trend has emerged: seasonless dressing. The airy tops and dresses, previously trotted out for lazy summer days, are the building blocks of year round fashion. This is fashionable and functional, Instead of wearing a long sleeved top under a blazer, a silky tank is far less bulky. Not only do they look great, but sleeveless tops under toasty togs will accommodate annoying hot flashes when heaters (or your inner thermostat) are blasting. Similarly, lightweight dresses paired with wintery wool and boots hold a bohemian Stevie Nicks/Kate Moss appeal that is at once cozy and comfy. But, there are a few caveats. “Cross dressing” works well with solid colors and graphic prints. Linen and super summery chintz type patterns don’t fit this fashion formula. These only work when temps top 75 degrees. Corduroys and velvet are not meant for summer. But aside from these, you’re in the clear to wear it all year.

Seasonless dressing will change your life. And save you money!


• A silky slip dress is a year round basic. Add boots, tights and a belted roomy knit.

• Jersey is a seasonless fabric in any permutation. Mix in some knits

• Gauzy skirts paired w/ chunky knits and boots are au courant

• Nautical striped tops and dresses with a jacket are tres chic

• Boldly colored scarves add kick to neutrals

• A print blouse is a perfect counterpoint to leather pants or skirt

• Gauzy and thin cashmere tank tops are wardrobe staples. Just add a blazer or a knit

• Sleeveless tee shirt dresses can paired with a boyfriend jacket or long cardi

• Add tights and boots to a cotton shirt dress or sundress for a great fall look.

• A strapless maxi black dress can be paired with a shrug or cardigan for smashing fall/winter look.