When you have a huge chest, getting dressed is a challenge. Each morning, you gaze into the mirror and think, Good God, how do I reduce the kapow impact of my boobs? Going with a low a neckline can be too sexy. Conversely, enclosing them with too much fabric creates the dreaded “uni-boob.” Here’s what to do:

Stick with dark colors on top. They act as a minimize. An open neckline and simple silhouette is the most flattering. Steer clear of tops with crew, polo and turtleneck, as higher necklines will impart the afore mentioned an odious “uni-boob” effect. Stay away from attention grabbers like metallic, large prints and jeweled embellishments, as they will only spotlight your breasts. Patterns and prints can definitely be a part of your wardrobe, but they look best on the bottom. And, a loose bra does nobody any favors. An ill-fitting bra is super frumpifying. When breasts are centered and well supported in the right bra, you look taller and slimmer. Look in the mirror. If you see droop, it is time for a fitting and a new bra.


  • Open, scoop and V neck tops are most flattering because the exposed skin breaks up the line from shoulder making chest look smaller.
  • Stay away from attention grabbers like metallic, large prints and embellished tops.
  • Avoid shiny fabrics and baggy tops which will accent the chest and add weight.
  • Balance proportion with a flared wrap dress, empire waist dresses, or shift dress. Keep hems above the knee.
  • A wider leg pant will balance out your figure.

According to Susan Nethero, founder of Intimacy boutiques nationwide, a great bra has everything to do with looking and feeling your best. ”Women associate looseness with comfort. A loose bra is unstable and contributes to droopage and bra fat. The right bra centers the breasts and creates a more flattering shape. Women need a combination of rigid and stretch to create tension for support. A perfectly sized bra (usually with underwire) offers the lift and pertness that  women crave.”