How to transform $50 worth of Costco into a glamorous spread!

I love to entertain. And, crafting a dramatic and creative table is my favorite part. So, when AROUND TOWN anchor Ana Beleval asked if I wanted to turn my passion into a segment, I was thrilled. Yesterday we shot a story that showcased how to transform $50 of food from Costco into what looks like a $500 fancy schmancy spread. Yes, the food needs to be good. But, it can be very simple: cheeses, crudite, meats, guacamole. The trick? It’s all in the presentation. Design and fashion follow share the same principles. Skillful layering, bold pops of color and quirky accents are the ingredients to transform basic food or fashion into glamour.


  • Use a ceramic tile to write out your menu. So Parisienne!
  • Layering- your tablecloth with
  • Style is in the details: Add unexpected accents like air plants and paper mache birds
  • Items should pop on the table: make it colorful
  • There is drama in diversity: Use a combination of wood, crystal and porcelain serving pieces. Matchy matchy is for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs
  • Whip out the wedding gear: Make your table a glorious mélange of high/low. Just like Kate Moss pairs Chanel with ripped Levi cutoffs, your table will have that edge when you have sterling silver next to flea market finds.