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The food. The sports. The art. The theater. There is a lot to love about the city of Chicago. And I have the good fortune to report on all things fabulous in the third coast for Travel + Leisure Magazine.

With the holidays upon us, everyone is talking about what to do over the vacation. So, herewith, I am spilling the cultural beans on some excellent activities guaranteed to keep siblings, best friends, parents and kids engaged and happy. Below is my segment on ABC’s Windy City Live. And beneath that is a link to my local expert’s guide to Chicago for Travel and Leisure.


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Check out my local expert’s guide to Chicago for Travel + Leisure here!


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Ugly Holiday Sweaters & Why They Should Be Torched

ATK Rails on These Disastrous Duds on Good Day Chicago

There is a lot to love about the holidays. One big exception? The plethora of atrocious Christmas themed garb. Of course there are the parties where people ironically sport these bedazzled getups and snort with laughter over how silly they look. Then there are the people who wear this type of clothing in earnest convinced that they are sartorially emanating the joy and goodness of the season. Sorry folks. Your Fair Isle sweaters adorned with everything from fuzzy elves and ribbons to jangling bells are a fashion felony worthy of a citizens’ arrest.


I had some fun this morning on Good Day Chicago dissing this most unfortunate trend with Darlene Hill and my partner in crime Ryan Beshel. Pre-show, we tried on a few knits and then offered one up to Corey McPherrin who is always such a sport.


                          Is it me? #Not!                         The Fox Fashion Panel                Fashion Icon Corey McPherrin





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Where to Score the Best Paris Flea Market Finds

Then Recover with Delicious Tarts and Pommes Frites

My story from

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It’s the thrill of the hunt. For decades, treasure seekers have scoured the allées of Paris’s famed flea market Marché aux Puces for vintage trinkets and eclectic furniture. To inveterate hunters and gatherers, the aha! moment of plucking bric-a-brac vintage serving pieces, an art deco sconce, textiles and quirky French hotel signage from the back of a dusty stall offers an incomparable high. But the Puces has gotten a bad rap as of late. Prices have skyrocked. Stalls have become too high-end. And dealers have been derided for their unwillingness to negotiate. The question looms: Can tourists still score without frittering away their entire food budget? Absolutely! Here is where to shop and eat at the Marché aux Puces.

Read the rest of the story here!


Paris 12.15.14 blog pic

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Holiday Beauty: The Power Pout

The moment that you hear Sinatra’s rollicking Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas taking over the airwaves, it is a sign to kick up your style for the season. Yes, you need the requisite statement earrings, embellished sweater and fur accent piece. But, another easy way to add drama to your December look is the power lip. A slash of deep, dark lipstick emits high voltage holiday style. From inexpensive Covergirl to designer brands like Chanel and YSL, colorful lipsticks abound. One of my current favorites is Laura Geller’s lip crayon for $16!


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How to Layer for the Holidays



layering guide pics                    Amy Tara Koch with Darlene Hill

layering pic 2Perfectly layered bangles

The Holidays are all about drama, yes. But does that mean women need to run out and invest in a new wardrobe? Good Day Chicago’s style expert Amy Tara Koch says NO WAY! You can create a big style statement by mixing and matching what you already own (or filling in your accessory blanks with some new holiday baubles). Translation? Toss the matchy-matchy mindset and pair your accessories in unconventional ways to create texture, add contrast and introduce color.



  1. Mix vintage + new

  2. Pair opposites for high drama

  3. High/low is a recipe for high style. Think: H&M and Hermes!

Watch video here!

FOX 32 News Chicago

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