My Kind of Town: Chicago

I am knee-deep in an extended project for Travel + Leisure magazine, spotlighting all that is fabulous in my hometown of Chicago. The best part? I get to explore the nooks and crannies of my city to cull the best experiences for locals and tourists alike. Here are some of my favorite finds.

fusking ds

Wrigley Field, View from Tilt, the New Attraction at the John Hancock Center

caffe streets

Caffe Streets, Wicker Park

hyde park

Hyde Park – 57th Street Books, Robie House, Plein Air Cafe

lincoln park

Lincoln Park –  Nature Walk, Green City Market

logan square

Logan Square – Longman and Eagle,  Scofflaw, Billy Sunday

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Family Travel Must-Haves!

Since I travel so much with my family, I field a ton of questions from fellow parents on how to navigate the travel process. Here are some answers to common challenges of travelling on an extended trip with kids.

kids travel 3

Q: What are your travel must haves? kid travel must haves?

In order to aim for a stress free trip, kids need to be equipped with activities to get them through transit and  potential lulls in activities and depending upon your child’s age, pack up an array of books, coloring books, small games, crossword puzzles, etc. of course, video is essential to nip issues in the bud. It’s always a good idea to have a few movies pre-downloaded. Also, it is critical to pack double the amount of food you think you need for flights, car rides and even a day out. This means snacks, meals and, most important, “forbidden” foods to use as bribery to coerce good behavior.

Q: Tips to get kids excited and engaged with the destination?

I like to show them the map and discuss the destination and how it is different from where we live. If they are a bit older, I think creating a worksheet with questions about the destination is a great way to get them invested in the trip. You can (pretend) to put them in charge of explaining the background of the destination, the culture, the food and even specific activities. I also like to present an array of activities and let them help pick out what we will do.

Sample Worksheet

kids travel 4

Q: What preventative measures can you pack in case of illness?

Always have a “pharmacy in the sky” stocked with Kids Advil, Tums, band aids, ear plugs, benadryl cream and cortisone. My new must-bring are the Be Kool stick on sheets; they cool the head and calm headaches in minutes.

kids travel

Have a great trip!

kids travel 2

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The Ideal London Apartment

Home rentals are an attractive option for a travelling family. That is, when the property matches the images on the internet. Having had a recent bait and switch in Provence where a dilapidated farm house had been substituted for the “villa” I had rented, the predictability of hotel rooms has been attractive. But, hotel rooms can get claustrophobic, especially when travelling abroad. While making plans for Spring Break in London, I heard about something new. Grosvenor House Apartments by Jumeirah Living had packaged the idea  of a prime apartment rental with all of the benefits of staying in a five star hotel. The rewards of a rental without the risk? In Mayfair? I booked on the spot.

Read the rest of my piece on home rentals abroad here.


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London with the Family

Sometimes the best trips are the most laid back; the leisurely afternoons where random wandering yields the stuff of scrapbooks (or, pinterest boards).Having hustled my kids to every landmark last year, I decided to ditch the psychotic sightseeing and spend our week in London exploring the city with minimal structure.

Here is the full story which appeared in Travel & Leisure:

london with the family


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Parenting With a Passport

Have Kids, Will Travel. Just Not To Disney World.

I am one of those parents who consider a trip to Disney pure punishment. Instead, Our family trips (I have 2 daughters) are culture & foodie fueled getaways designed for parents and kids to get inspired and have a blast. At this stage in my life, I spend every extra dollar on international travel with my kids. Why? Wanderlust defines me. Since the age of 14, I have finagled international trips-air courier, exchange student, covering fashion shows for magazines-on a whim. I have ridden elephants in Thailand, driven to Morocco from northern France, Hitch hiked through Spain and stayed in the Sex & The City suite at Plaza Athenee, Paris. Then, I had kids. Glamorous getaways came to a screeching halt. For five years, travel –if we dared-was based on the availability of kid camps. Then, as if by magic, everything changed. Diapers and strollers became accouterments of the past. International travel was on the horizon.

For the past four years we have dedicated three weeks off the summer to globetrotting. Provence? Budapest? London? Florence? Corsica? We have divided and conquered them all. Yes , the process of planning such a getaway is daunting. It requires research and effort. But, as a working mom of two, I can attest to the do- ability factor. And the payoff. Travelling requires kids to step outside their comfort zone.  Seeing and doing the unexpected inspires question asking and curiosity on every front. Engagement and interaction (versus burying one’s nose in an ipad) is the foundation of learning.

Summer 2014 itinerary

new traveling w kids photo

There are rules. The kids have to try every type of food I give them and cannot moan and complain about lifestyle differences. E.g. eating late, siesta, (nothing open from 2-4), annoying cigarette smoke, slow service. And, before we go, they have to fill out worksheets about where we are visiting and historical significance of each location. This way, they are invested in the trip. This year we have an incredible itinerary: Iceland, Amsterdam, Spain, Morocco and England.

Fasten your seatbelts! I’ll be blogging from the road, so stay tuned!

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